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Tej sales corporation is leading suppliers of Specialty Lubricants.

Tej sales corporation is authorized distributor of Matrix Specialty Lubricants for Indian Territory. Lean more

Why Tej sales corporation

  • Enhance quality and save energy, less spare parts and maintenance cost with Matrix Specialty Lubricants high performance lubricants.
  • Our special lubricants ensure reliable, productive and economical operation of your machines.
  • Lubricating and Food Grade oil, grease, fluids, paste and spray for each and every industry.
Lubricating oil, lubricating spray, lubricating grease supplier

Tej sales corporation is one of the leading distributor and supplier of specialty lubricants, Food Grade Lubricants, Food Grade Oil and Food Grade Grease in India. We hold specialization in supplying our clients with high performance lubricating oil and spray. Our high performance lubricating grease, spray and oil are designed for extending the life of machinery parts when subjected to harsh conditions. As a leading lubricating grease supplier in India, we envisage in establishing a strong and long-term relationship with our customers.